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Compressor Repair

Bender CCP will rebuild your used compressor cylinders back to original sizes. We can rebuild used cylinder bores at a fraction of the cost of replacement cylinders. With our large machining capacity we can easily manufacture replacement cylinder liners to meet project specifications. Our staff has over fifty years of experience reworking Reciprocating compressor cylinders and has the largest capacity on the west coast. We have experience with cylinders ranging in size from 2” – 40”. Bender CCP uses high quality spun cast iron that meets or exceeds OEM requirements. All cylinders are power honed to finish size and to produce the desired surface finish.

Delivery of refurbished equipment can be accomplished quickly due to the size of the facility and the fact that we work two shifts. In turnaround situations our crews work around the clock to meet project schedules.

Bender CCP typically encourages customers to provide the head during a liner replacement to ensure proper fit and to ensure that the head once installed has the rod bore concentric with the liner bore. The head may require skim cutting to make faces flat and perpendicular to the bores. Bender CCP can also replace studs, tap valve holes, repaint the cylinder, and repair damaged surfaces. It is our intent to catch any potential issues up front and to return your equipment in the desired state the first time.

A cylinder relining may also be required to due to changes in field operations. Bender CCP can easily reverse engineer a liner or manufacture a replacement liner to accommodate a different size piston.

It is common to manufacture a rough turned liner to put into warehouse stock to reduce turnaround time during a shutdown. Bender CCP will manufacture a liners and endcaps (for later finish turning) to accommodate such requests.

Compressor Rods

Bender CCP has developed a reputation on the west coast as the premier thermal spray facility for new and refurbished compressor components. Bender CCP is the preferred choice of manufacturers and end user for compressor rods. We have experience with extreme service applications such as H2S and Acid Gas. With the use of surface treatment applied with our HVOF guns and by proper alloy selection we can extend the life of your piston rods. Bender CCP has several Tungsten Carbide coatings that perform well and have a great track record.

  • All Rods feature rolled threads
  • Tungsten Carbide Coating
  • Super Finished Rod Surface
  • Custom Design and Manufacturing
  • All Components Meet or Exceed OEM Specifications
  • Induction hardened Rods Available
  • Designed for Segmental or One Piece Pistons

Rod Refurbishment Process

  • Clean and Micrometer Inspect and Record Sizes
  • Check and Record Rod Runout
  • Inspect Rod for Scoring, Cracking, Damage Etc.
  • Remove Piston & Nut if Necessary
  • Create a Work Scope with Required Repairs
  • Consult with Customer
  • Remove and Existing Coatings & Prep for HVOF Spray
  • Grind & Superfinish Rod
  • Perform Complete Inspection of Refurbished Rod
  • Reinstall Piston and Rider Bands Etc
  • Inspect Piston Grooves and Faces & Repair as Needed
  • Box and Crate to Protect

Piston Manufacturing

Bender will machine pistons from cast iron or aluminum. Bender can manufacture one piece pistons or segmental pistons. Bender CCP can reverse engineer pistons to match existing installation or upgrade as required. Bender CCP will produce drawings and provide to the customer as requested.

Replacement Parts For

  • Worthington
  • Dresser-Rand
  • Cooper-Bessemer
  • Clark
  • Deleval
  • Demag
  • Joy
  • Superior
  • Ajax


  • ISO 9002 Certified Procedures
  • Experienced Production Staff
  • Equipped with State of the Art Equipment
  • One Year full Warranty of Materials and Workmanship

Valve Refurbishment

Bender CCP will recondition your compressor valves to OEM specification at a substantial savings vs. replacement. The typical turnaround on a set of valves can be accomplished in about a week or quicker during a shutdown.

Repair Process

  • Disassemble, Clean, Visually Inspect & Record Dimensions
  • Parts Identified, Tagged & Bagged
  • Glass Bead Blast Valves
  • Machine and Mill as Necessary Damaged areas
  • Surface Grind Mating Surfaces
  • Use Emery Paper to Debur
  • Lap Mating Surfaces
  • Clean Parts
  • Lift, Seat Thickness, Spring Pocket Depth Checked
  • Install Replacement Parts
  • After Assembly Air Test
  • Package Valves

Type of Valve Serviced

  • Poppet Valves
  • Strip Valves
  • Plate Valves
  • Channel Valves

Packing Box Refurbishment

Bender CCP can refurbish the packing cases for your reciprocating compressors. We will dissemble clean and inspect all components, procure or manufacture replacement parts and return your packing cases in like new condition.

  • Machine all Pressure and Wiper Cups
  • Replace nose cup seal ring
  • Machine, Grind, and Lap Finish
  • Reassemble, Final Inspect, Record Dimensions
  • Rap and Preserve Finished Packing Cases


  • Disassemble, Clean, Inspect
  • Replace Seals & Rings
  • Inspect Rods
  • Metal Spray Bores in Unloaders if Needed
  • Air Test for Actuation
  • Paint

Connecting Rods

  • Dimensional Inspection to Confirm Round
  • Confirm bore size and parallelism
  • Check for Damage
  • Re-machine as necessary

Compressor Case

  • Line Boring
  • NDE Inspection
  • Bore Alignment
  • Thermal Spray Crank Bores

Cross Head

  • Clean & Inspect for Scoring and Sizing
  • Rebabbit Cross Head Slippers
  • Confirm that runs true with Crosshead Pin


  • NDE Inspection
  • Inspect Journals and Dimensions
  • Balancing

Valve Retainer Cage

  • Clean & Inspect for Pits / Cracks
  • Glass Bead Blast

Metal Spray Cylinder Refurbishment

  • Metco #2 Spray (420 SS)
  • Wire Arc Spray

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