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A Leading Full-Service Engineered Rotating Equipment Specialist

Formed by the merger of Bender US and California Centrifugal Pump, CCP


Bender CCP is one of the leading full service providers of engineered rotating equipment repair and machining services in the US. With a reputation built on decades of providing reliable, quality services in our facility or at the customer site, Bender CCP is a trusted partner to our customers. They depend on the expertise of our technicians to provide everything from turnkey overhauls to routine maintenance to highly-critical emergency repairs. We work around the clock and in the most demanding conditions. We bring deep expertise across varied customer industries from oil and gas, chemical, mining and marine to pulp and paper and steel.

We’re proud to help customers extend the life of their critical rotating equipment no matter how large or complex the project and offer unmatched capacity for a broad range of repair, thermal spray coating, field services, machining and grinding, welding and inspection services. Customers count on our team to handle every project with the highest integrity and in the most efficient manner which helps them ultimately lower the total cost of ownership. Most importantly, we help customers keep their operations running smoothly.


Privately owned, Bender US was purchased in 2008 by Michael and Randy Potter. In 2010, with a goal of expanding the company’s field service capabilities, the brothers purchased California Centrifugal Pump repair company, CCP, and relocated it to Vernon where it would operate under one roof with Bender US. With each company bringing decades of rotating equipment experience and a seasoned team of expert technicians with complementary skills, the companies together offered an unmatched capacity and, in 2015, were merged to become Bender CCP, Inc.


  • We bring the best technical expertise available with a team of technicians with decades of experience in industries ranging from oil and gas, marine, chemical to water, mining and others.
  • Our capacity is unmatched from our large-scale facility of more than 100,000 sq ft and state-of-the-art equipment with 40-ton lift capability to the “one-stop shop” broad range of services we can provide, our customers trust us every day to handle jobs of any scale or complexity efficiently and safely
  • A reputation built on integrity, quality and responsiveness for every project we handle from routine service to highly-critical emergency repair service calls at any hour of the day that requires immediate, specialized expertise onsite at their location. With two shifts running we deliver faster turn arounds as normal business that no other shops can do.