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Pump Repair

Bender CCP provides complete pump repair service on all makes and models including:

API 610, ANSI B 73.1, Multi-Stage, Vertical Turbine, Centrifugal Pumps, Progressive cavity, Reciprocating, Rotary, and more.

Pump repair services include:

  • Removal of from jobsite
  • On-site troubleshooting
  • Complete disassembly and inspection including non-destructive testing and precise measuring
  • Sandblasting and thorough cleaning of all centrifugal pump component parts
  • Mechanical repairs and/or parts replacement
  • Pump Parts fabrication (as required)
  • Reassembly
  • Performance testing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Delivery & re-installation
  • Pump Shaft Alignments

No matter the model, manufacturer or age of your centrifugal pump, IPMR can have you back up and running quickly and reliably. Best of all, Benders workmanship is 100% guaranteed according to industry standards.

We Repair OEM Equipment such as:

Flowserve, Sulzer, EBARA, ITT Goulds, Floway, Union, United, Fairbanks Morse, Patterson, Worthington, Dresser, KSB, Bingham, Byron Jackson, Layne, Peerless, Westinghouse, Pacific, Deleval, Moyno

Pump Repair Procedure

  1. Match Mark mating components, take pictures, take
  2. Inspect for improper clearances, corrosion – erosion, flow issues, cavitation, damage
  3. Clean and NDT parts as needed
  4. Take measurement and runouts
  5. Determine upgrades and repairs needed
  6. Balance the rotating element to 4w/n
  7. Assemble pump, paint and tag

Modifications and Improvements

  1. Conversion to Mechanical Seals from Packing
  2. Installation of Labyrinth Seals and Bearing Isolators
  3. Change in Metallurgy (Nitronics, 17-4, etc)
  4. Bearing Upgrade (Vespel, Thordon, etc.)
  5. Wear Resistant Coatings
  6. Epoxy Coatings

Thermal Spray

  1. Shaft refurbishment
  2. Ceramic Coating for bearing areas
  3. Chrome Replacement coatings
  4. In house Babbitt bearing refurbishment
  5. Hardfacing for extreme service environments


  1. Routine Maintenance onsite
  2. Troubleshooting
  3. Replacement Parts
  4. Installation and Removal
  5. Regrouting
  6. Rebuild Service


  1. 40 Ton Lifting Capacity
  2. Machining to 17 feet in Diameter - 30+ Feet Length
  3. OD and ID Grinding for Precision
  4. 100K SQ/FT
  5. Ability to Machine Large Discharge Heads

Customers Include

CA Department of Water Resources, Bureau of Reclamation, San Luis Delta Mendota Water Authority, USACE, EBMUD, Pacific Gas & Electric, Valero, Conoco Phillips, Exxon-Mobile, Shell, Tesoro, Dow Chemical, Flowserve, Dresser Rand, ITT Goulds, NASA, LADWP, Caltrans, Local Municipal Water accounts, & More


Wear Rings, Pump Shafting, Stuffing Boxes, Replacement Impellers / Bowls, Bushings, Baseplates, Couplings, Fasteners

With extensive experience in rebuilding all types of equipment Bender is prepared to take on even the most difficult projects. We look forward to working with you on your bad actor pumps.

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