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Steel Coating

A Guide To Thermal Spray Coatings For Process Rolls

From Bender CCP a industry leader in reconditioning and coating high-wear industrial components, comes a line of thermal spray coatings engineered specifically to meet the challenges of process rolls in CGL, CAL and cold mill environments. Because each process in the production of high-grade sheet steel presents its own set of parameters and problems (thermal shock, corrosion, ZN dross, abrasion, slippage, tension), Bender CCP has a patented coating for each environment, purpose-built to preserve process rolls and to keep your line running longer and more profitably than you ever thought possible. With years of experience yields a phenomenal success rate that is unequalled in the marketplace. And, our ongoing commitment to service, quick response time, and top-notch technical support are a few more examples of the Bender CCP "value added" customer service approach. Your Bender CCP representative has all the facts about Bender CCP coatings for the steel industry. Call for a technical analysis or quote. Get peak performance from your process rolls with Bender CCP coatings.

Coatings For Rolls In A CGL

On a typical continuous galvanizing line, Zn dross undermines the surface of pot rolls, and transfers to the sheet, causing defects that render it unacceptable for stricter automotive requirements. Bender CCP HS 1101 coating is an effective way to protect pot rolls and boost sheet quality to meet the toughest specifications. Specially blended and sized with WC/Co, HS 1101 is a proven performer with substantial advantages: resistance to wetting and hot corrosion from molten zinc, superior strength in molten zinc, and resistance to thermal shock and wear inherent in a CGL. Bender's proprietary technology for sleeves and bearings is yet another weapon in Bender CCP arsenal against downtime. Get an edge on your competition. Lower your produc­tion costs and boost your output with Bender coatings.

Coatings for Hearth Rolls

Because hearth rolls in continuous galvanizing lines and continuous annealing lines contact steel strips moving under tension at very high speeds and temperatures, they need special protection from three of Bender CCP proprietary coatings. Bender CCP PS 1037, PS 1110 and PS 1250 are specifically designed to protect hearth rolls from wear, thermal shock, and metal buildup and to reduce slippage caused by poor roll surface integrity. In the heating section, Bender CCP multi-layered ceramic coating, PS 1037 guards against iron and oxide adhesion, so there’s less maintenance and less scrap. In cooling section, our PS 1110 adds tractability to the roll surface, allowing you to increase both line speed and output. In the quench section, Bender CCP PS 1250 fights thermal fatigue so rolls last longer and perform better.

Coatings For Rolls In An Aluminizing Line

In an aluminizing Line, a corrosive, high temperature environment can damage pot rolls, shorten their service life and cause substandard strip quality. High replacement costs, downtime and soaring product rejection rates can result. The advanced, multi-layer ceramic coating, PS 1250, is the solution!

Layers with graduating expansion rates serve to reduce thermal shock and cracking. Ideal for sink rolls, bridle rolls, top rolls, and pot furnace snouts. Bender CCP PS1250 coating offers: superior roll surface quality, wear resistance, reduced dross buildup, higher strip quality, and easier narrow to wide transitions. With today’s more stringent automotive requirements, Bender CCP PS 1250 ceramic coating is a giant step towards raising your bottom line.

Coating For Process Rolls In A Cold Mill

Designed to meet the challenges of both wet and dry bridle applications in a cold mill, Bender CCP proprietary hypersonically-sprayed coatings, HS 1150-B and HS 1101-B, will greatly enhance the performance of your process rolls. Due to their extremely high bond strength (to 12,000 psi) and hardness to 70 Rockwell C (twice the hardness of uncoated rolls), Bender CCP coatings create a durable barrier against abrasion and corrosion proven to extend roll life far beyond that of uncoated rolls. There is a savings in downtime, lower maintenance costs, and the added benefits of reduced slippage, edge wave and higher overall strip quality. Turn your process rolls into star performers with Bender CCP coatings.

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